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Exciting Opportunity for Youngsters to build skills of Cricket Leadership

Academy North are delighted to have teamed up with Young Leaders in Cricket to bring an exciting opportunity to clubs in the area and young cricketers between the age of 13 and 15 (School Years 9 &10). Young Leaders in Cricket is designed to give young people a diverse and fulfilling experience of volunteering in the cricket community, backed by high quality training and volunteering opportunities. For cricket clubs it is a great way to look at how we retain and develop players at an age group where traditionally players might be being distracted by other attractions and leaving our clubs. The program has been very successful in the South of England and has over the last 10 years and has 700 registrations already this summer. Academy North are very excited to be partnering in this project we have been exploring how we can support the cricket community with drop out rates at this age and also how we can develop and shape the next generation of cricket volunteers and organisers in the region. We are very flattered that Young Leaders in Cricket have offered us this opportunity to bring their program North.

'We were impressed by the partnership work Academy North had committed to and their relationships with the wider cricket community. We see working with Phill and the team at Academy North as an exciting opportunity to take or program to a whole new group of young people.' (Chris Whitaker, chair of Cricket Leaders CIC)

Young people can express their interest in learning more by filling out the form via the link at the bottom of the page and an Enthuse evening is scheduled for April the 27th at 6pm. You can learn more about Young Cricket Leaders here

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