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Start your own journey to creating your very own landmark cricketing memory

We believe that every cricket lover should have their own landmark memory, a stand out event that was formative in their cricket journey. At Academy North we strive to create opportunities for all cricketers to create these landmark memories. The kind of experiences that fuel ongoing participation and desire to improve and keep improving.


From coaching, festivals and camps to tours and masterclasses, our approach to coaching goes significantly beyond technique into developing not just the skills but the whole person.

Across our bases in Liverpool, Merseyside & Cheshire we offer a variety of options, so just check out our what's on offer page.


ENJOY the game & chase your dreams, dreams do come true.

Sachin Tendulkar

compromise for your dream but never compromise on your dream

Imran Khan


We are very proud of what we do at Academy North and really, really love what we do. We have already had several success stories and many happy clients.


But don't just take our word for it! SEE BELOW for some client testimonials 

Took part in their first trip to India in 2018 which was an incredible experience.


Also benefited from masterclasses with a world renowned bowling coach and went on multiple tours to Leicester which is always a great week.


Highly recommend for anyone just starting out in cricket or looking to develop their game!

James, Old Xaverians, CC



An unforgettable week of learning, ups, downs but most of all fun; the tour run by Academy North was the best week of the season for the Didsbury Cricket Club under 13 squad.

The squad were presented with a wide range of learning opportunities throughout the week. With five games played in total, the team learnt from two nail-biting defeats to win a further three games and work towards the targets set throughout the tournament.

Naturally, a tournament such as this was affected by the weather, however that did not stop the Didsbury squad completing a sliding fielding workshop, nor a game-based learning masterclass from lead coach Phill O’Brien based around rotating the strike, manipulating the field, field setting and decision-making.

More importantly, the team got to gel together and work towards creating a culture of a life-long love of cricket. They made friendships that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. We cannot thank Academy North enough for their outstanding organisation, adaptability upon the rain delays, and excellent provision of food and kit.

I would like to further wish the Academy every success for the future.

Chris, Didsbury CC

My son has been involved in the AN camps that have been run. They have been excellent in every way... facilities, food, friendliness... the coaches make sure that every detail is thought about and well planned.


My son has developed his skills - both in his stronger cricket discipline (bowling) and his area for development (batting) - this has been due to coaches taking an interest in his personal game, identifying where help can be given and carefully setting tasks and drills that allow him to develop and improve at his own level and pace.

Sound friendships have continued long after the AN camps between players, such is the positive atmosphere that was created. I would strongly recommend the AN coaching to any player / parent, whatever their child’s cricketing ability may be. It will improve your child’s abilities, but even more importantly, it will give them a fabulous experience that they will thoroughly enjoy.

Jonathan, Wavertree CC


Been to Leicester every year for four years now! Great experience meeting new people from all over the world!


Had a few masterclass sessions with various pros, coaches and ex-professionals. I did group sessions as well which are really enjoyable as you meet new people and learn a lot about the game!

Greg, Sefton Park CC


I highly recommend Academy North, One of my lads Alex went to India last year and had a great 10 days with them "a trip of a lifetime"  was how he described it to me, I also spent a week with Alex on a tour to Leicester, we both really enjoyed that


Now my youngest son Thomas trains every Sunday with Academy North and is really improving his Cricket thanks to the superb level of coaching.

Kenny, Liverpool CC

If you want to take the first steps to improving your cricket skills or just want to start your own unforgettable cricket journey then get in touch and find out how you can get involved

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